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FF@ Special First Occurrences

This list of Firsts and Special Occurrences were gleaned from personal email and the FF@ Archives; created and maintained by User:Jdunn (Joel Dunn).
I have verified each stated item with existing posts from the Archives.
If you can provide corrections to the following, Please do not erase the originally posted content.
Please: Please, append to end of the specific post

  • Origin of FF@
01 October is the earliest entry in the current Archives .. but              
commentary lends us to believe it began a while earlier. But it 
doesn't seem likely that it began much earlier than October of 1990. 
The first Moderator seems to be Tom Williams .. or at least he was 
the first 'offical' designated as such.
  • 1st Post of Tom Williams original ListOwner
An Awakening
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 90 14:50:08 EDT
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest
In-Reply-To: Your note of 10/02/90 14:20
  • 1st Post By Danny Walls current and 3rd ListOwner
Subject of article unknown
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1992 17:00:40 EDT
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest
From: danny walls
  • 1st Post by Joel Dunn FF@ Archivemeister and Wikimeister

NPS Campground Reservations Date: Thu, 14 May 1992 09:20:00 LCL Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest Sender: Fly Fishing Digest From: LONGLEGS To: @FLYFISH

  • 1st Woman on FF@ Marilyn Fetterman
Re: rough fish
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1992 13:49:54 EST
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest
From: Marilyn Fetterman 
  • First Post on FF@ Stephen M. Koza, Oct 1, 1990
An Awakening
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 90 12:12:00 EST
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest
I thought that I would give a brief report on the salmon situation that I encountered on the Salmon River in and near Pulaski, NY. Frank, thanks for the advice. You mentioned , however, that you usually fished between 10 PM and midnite, but upon reading the somewhat confusing handbook wasn't sure if that was legal or not where I was. I did manage to go out early Sunday morn and get a strike on a fly. I had the fish on ( about 20-25 pounds, which in this instance is smallish ) for about 25 minutes but he managed to get away upon netting. For the most part we spent most of our time lobbing egg-sacks into the lake itself. Fishing was slow but my partner managed a decent size salmon ( 30 lbs. ) and a 12 lbs. Lake Trout and I was smudged. The atmosphere was bearable at least.
The sight in Pulaski of all the foul-hookers elbow-to-elbow trying to snag a salmon was as a grotesque an exhibition of "sportsmanship" as I have ever witnessed. It reminded me of a row of slot-machines in Atlantic City where people with emotionless faces put in there coin, pull the handle and see if there's anything there. It was depressing to say the least and really brought home to me the fact that alot of people just want to catch and kill fish period.
My suggestion for the appeasement of the masses is this: The NY F&G should build a narrow sluice that the fish are made to swim up and the "fishermen" could then pay a few bucks, step up to the sluice and try to bonk a fish on the head w/ a ball-peen hammer. It would save these people a lot of money and generate a bunch for the F&G. As well as providing anglers who want sport that opportunity also, and everybody would be happy.
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  • 1st Use of Signature-tight lines
An Awakening
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 90 14:50:08 EDT
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest
In-Reply-To: Your note of 10/02/90 14:20
The salmon snagging reminds me of shad fishing on the Susquehann River. Fishermen were standing elbow to elbow, tangling up their lines, trying to catch anything that swam. That was 20 years ago. Now, there aren't shad runs anymore, and you can't fish for shad in Md. Most of these guys took up trout fishing on the put-&-take streams, and unfortunately, they brought their angling-etiquette with them.
tight lines,

  • 1st South American POST Max Spiess, Chile, SA [also believed to be the first NON-US post]
chilean beauties
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 90 20:14:33 EDT
Reply-To: MSPIESS-at-PUCING.puc.cl
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest

  • Origin of Conrad The Barbarian -aka,Conrad Black
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 08:43:39 -0500 
Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest 
Sender: Fly Fishing Digest 
From: J Leslie Booth 
Subject: Re: Conrad the Barbarian...  
from "C.K. Black" at 
Mar 24, 94 07:25:19 pm 
Conrad the Barbarian... [hope you don't mind me calling you that...] :{O writes... :)))))
> Right!! That's it for you 'Merikans, I'm going straight > up to Taihape and will have a word with Norm C's witch! > The earth will stop rotating on the N/S axis and Spring > for you in the Northern Hemisphere is CANCELLED! > -- > Conrad Black Email: C.K.Black-at-massey.ac.nz > Plant Science Dept., Massey Uni., > Fax: [xxx]xxx-xxxx > Palmerston North, New Zealand > Phone: [xxx]xxx-xxxx
*** Conrad.. put away the sword and cancell the trip to Norm C.'s friend of the nether-world... I can save the 'Merikans' from the doom you propose... for I [and I am sure many others of us lowly 'Merikans'] can even out the balance of fishing precariosity so imbalanced by 'Wild Bill'. You say you fish once a month to WB's 2X/week... well I get out [at least since college began for me 4.5 years ago] only about 1X/quarter... YOW!! That's correct only one time every stinkin' 3 MONTHS!!! So against WB, you are about 1:12. However, I am in the range of 1:36!!... 3X your deficit. That means that my paltry little time on the water alone, has more than evened the deficit caused by WB.
So, I believe you can call off the rotation hex and allow those of us 'Merikans... which BTW includes the WIZ... sheez, consider what the WIZ might have cooked up for the Zelanders if you had pulled that trigger so fast... YIPES!! that was close!
NOW...aren't you glad we had this little chat? Boy, I sure would hate the think of the possible calamitous events you almost put into motion... PHEW!!!
Now back to our regular shedualed CYBER FLY SHOP discussion... but stay tuned for another thrilling tale in the adventures of .... CONRAD THE BARBARIAN
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  • more to come ...