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How many times have you got to the stream put your waders on then your wading shoes and they were as stiff as an old board? You laced them up and started fishing, 15 minutes later your foot was sliding around in your shoe because they had soften up from being in the water, now you have to go stream side and tighten them up.Why not try this, I keep my wading shoes in a Rubbermaid dish washing basin going to and from the stream, it keeps the vehicle fairly clean, well about an hour or so before I leave to go fishin’ I take the water hose and really wet the shoes down. I let them sit in the water till I go, when I get to the stream and put on the wading shoes that are soft and lace up real neat and away I go not having to take the time away from fishin’ to retie them.

I will try to keep adding my Tips to this page as the days go by and hope that some of them will be of help to you all.