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What a long strange trip it's been, as the Grateful Dead might say.

I have been a FF@ member since about 1995. Now, in the real world 12 years doesn't seem such a very long time but in internet terms 12 years is nearly the whole life of the internet as it is now generally known to home users across the world. When I first subscribed the web didn't have pictures on it, my browser didn't even support pictures and was text only, and almost no one else I knew had an internet connection or could think why they might like to have one.

Way back when I used to fish rivers but wasn't dead keen on it. I also tried fishing some of the bigger Irish loughs from a boat but found that wasn't really for me either. So it took a little while until I found my flyfishing feet and when I did it turned out that my passion was for fishing remote moorland loughs in Ireland, and lochs in Scotland, for little brown trout. It was as much a day out as anything and the walk was at least as important as the fishing if only to keep me a little bit fitter than I would be sitting in front of the TV.

I have access to a few remote little loughs in the north Antrim area of Northern Ireland and I also am a regular on the lochs of the Isle of Lewis off the north west coast of Scotland. The fish tend to be small and, often, hard to find as well but I enjoy the walk and the fishing. I almost always fish wet fly and in the past tended to fish the traditional 3 fly cast but of later years I have moved to a 2 fly cast. On the rare occasions when there are fish moving to surface life I'm not above throwing out a dry fly but this accounts for only a very small proportion of my fishing and may only happen once every few years. I would also very occasionally try my hand for salmon but it certainly isn't something I'd like to do a lot of and I certainly can't claim to know anything about it.

In list terms I suppose I'm pretty quiet these days, but it is still enjoyable to watch the threads develop and partake in a little banter from time to time. It is also interesting to get advice from those who know and even to play with this new wiki thing. Frankly I've no idea what will happen with this but you can hang on in there and find out...