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Flyfishat Personal Data

Flyfishat: pseudonym of J. Leslie Booth
Location: West Lafayette, IN
UTM: 40.49692154 N, -86.96587372 E
LAT/LON: +40° 29' 48.92", -86° 57' 57.15"

  • First Sign-ON: Monday December 14, 1992
  • First Post: Thursday February 25, 1993
Re: fly pattern books
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1993 20:13:27 -0500 Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest Sender: Fly Fishing Digest From: J Leslie Booth the best books on the market, for price and clairity are the Orvis Vol 1A and 2A... also any of Kaufmanns' books are very good... tight lines ?;{
  • Tying flies was not, nor is now my specialty. I'd not read very wide then either. ": )

Origianlly under the now defunt account O'fieldstream I (les booth) Published Pages: WikiFF@


Original Account: deleted: the reason

  • Due to software errors, I had to change my original account O'fieldstream
  • The <'> apostrophe in the name as I originally created, caused a software glitch for UNIX
  • LesBooth: Ofieldstream account: deleted
  • The name O'fieldstream was listed in the following code O'fieldstream NOTE: Open the [edit] and note the use of the ASCII Code for the <'> apostrophe. That's bound to cause trouble. And it did.