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I started in with the fly fish list back some time in 94. The only internet connection I had back then was with an account Mary Lu had through the county schools. My handle back then was Mary Lewis. I accessed the Internet only with email on an old then Mac SE30. The WWW was young then and I didn't get access to any kind of graphic capability till I joined AOL some time late in 1994, and even it didn't give access to the web till a couple years later. I still accessed the List with Mary Lu's edu account which allowed me one hour a day and everything had to be done real time. It was a good training for my typing skills.

My first real contacts with folks on the list came at the fly shows that first year. I met several long standing members then. I remember meeting Bob Petti at the Fly Tyers Symposium in New York, Blake came to the New Jersey show. Some time about then I met Clyde and Bob Hautila, Dave Murphy, Drew, Dale Bonney dozens and dozens of folks came along in time over the first several years, many during my Montana summers. Jim Teft and his wife stopped by for dinner on their way south a few years ago. I surely haven't kept count but I imagine I've have met in person over a hundred listers, most at the shows many have stopped by here at our Virginia home and several have spent time with us at our Montana home. The very first Lister I came to know was Elmer Meiler. He has visited with us here and in Montana several times. I've gotten to know a whole bunch of southern listers through the show we did in Charlotte every year year. Many of them have become long standing friends. Mike Ray has visited with us in Montana, Frank Paul has visited with us both here and in Montana. Joel fishes with me every year here in Virginia and spent a week off and on with us in Montana several years ago. All around the country, I've developed lasting friends. Bill Williams and John Lawrence have become some of our closest friends. John spent a day here with us back in the fall when he was back east looking after his home in West Virginia. Bill has become almost a brother to us. I've even run into Sue K more times than either she or I would reckon, mostly at the dealer show in Denver. Lots and lots of others I could list here have become long standing friends.

The Internet has been a wonderful social resource for me. Since I've lost much of my hearing it provides me with much of my communication.


Dave Lewis