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FF@ Wiki Page: Where's FF@?

This is the community mapping portal I set up the [FF@ account] on a few weeks back, called [Frappr].
So far, we have 35 members who have braved the 'Frappr Crapper' and put their mugs on the map. We have a number of states, a couple of Canadian Provinces, plus, Europe and Australia pinned so far.
There were some troubles about getting the 'pins to stick' - or remain in the local chosen and with Mac users being able to upload images. I believe the first two (2) issues are resolved. However, the Mac-user issue - on uploading images - is not: to my knowledge.
I have an email awaiting a reply from the Frappr folks. I hope they have the 'Mac-user remedy' ready or in-place, soon. I will report back when I hear more on this issue.
I do hope the rest of you head over to Frappr, brave the F&C, place your PIN to claim your spot on the map.
O'fieldstream 02:48, 28 January 2007 (EST)

Here is yet another online community, now with an account for FF@ users to take advantage of.
I imagine many of the FF@ members already have a Flickr account. If you don't and don't know what [Flickr is], it is a community portal for sharing images online. But even if you don't, you will be able to use this account. I'm will make the LOGIN/PASSWORD available to any/all FF@ members who want to make use of the Flickr tool.
In this way, FF@ Flickr will be a sort of Flickr Photo Wiki for the FF@ Community.
I have emailed all the FF@ Flickr account info to Danny Walls for distribution. I will leave it up to Danny to decide whether to post - the Login/Password information on the website or elsewhere - OR require an email request to Danny or others for the information. Putting such information on the wiki would not be wise as it would be subject to editing and that would not be good. Comments welcome, please. ": )

  • Google Earth Locations and more (to come soon)