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This is a TUTORIAL for

  • Finding FF@ on
  • Finding PHOTOS by FF@ on
  • Logging ONTO
  • UPLOADING photos to
  • MAPPING a photo on

(more to come as needed or wanted)



[FLYFISH@ (flyfishat)] 
  *Click Link above
  • PC-users: Right-Click
      • --> Copy Link Location --> Paste URL window or
      • --> save to Bookmarks (Firefox: Ctrl-D)
  • Mac-users:
    • Single-button Mouse users Ctrl+Click
      • --> Copy Link Location --> Paste or
      • --> Save to Bookmarks (Firefox: Cmd [AppleKey}+D)
    • Double-button Mouse Users Ctrl+ Right-Click or Cmd+Right-Click
      • --> Copy Link Location --> Paste or
      • --> Save to Bookmarks (Firefox & Safari: Cmd [AppleKey}+D)

LOG onto

  • LOGIN: flyfishat
  • PASSWD: ffa2007yf
  • eMail:
  • Account owned/created by Les Booth: contact via email:

UPLOADING photos to

UPLOADING photos to

  • LOGIN to [1]
  • From the Landing (default) page CLICK - Upload Photos and Videos (Right-side, TOP)
  • On Upload Photos and Videos page
*->Drag-n-Drop >>> an image file or 
*->CLICK >>> Choose photos or videos to upload 
*-> In the pop-up find the file/files and select OPEN
*-> CLICK file-name >>> to change the name
*-> CLICK Add a description >>> to provide a description of the photo (NOTE: you can add links and text styling one on the Flickr page)
*-> CLICK Upload X Photo(s)' >>> Upper-Right
*-> AGREE or CHANGE (left column: 
  *-->Owner Settings >>> (in Pop-Up) >>> Upload to Photostream or Continue Editing 
   *--->1. None (All rights reserved: invisable)  - continue editing and changer permissions
   *--->2. Visable to everyone - accept Upload to Photostream
  • -> That's it .. you image is on the FF@ Flickr page.
  • --> You can alter the TITLE / DESCRIPTION when you are logged in and clicking the TEXT and making the changes.
  • --> Description uses HTML standard coding to intiate the changes such as adding LINKS, TEXT Style or layout.

MAPPING a photo on