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Roanoke River, NC

Joel Dunn

One of my favorite things about late winter is looking forward to March and the shad run on the Roanoke River. Hickory shad are an anadromous fish, coming up the rivers each year to spawn. They can provide exciting fishing with the hope of catching fish until your arms are tired. Nice Hickories can be up to 18", and provide strong fights in the fast moving spring waters.

I try to make it annually, and have recorded several trips over the last several years in my blog. This search string should produce a number of entries.

I like to use mostly pink and orange streamers, fished on a sink-tip line. I typically use 7wt rod, as casting a heavy fly with a sink tip on a light rod gets tiring over the course of a day.

Shad are found on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts (I've caught American Shad in the Russian River in California). I'm hopeful that others can add to this topic.

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